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Jack Scalia

Jack is sophomore at Denison University. A co-founder of Faireway, Scalia is in charge of recruiting contributors, editing content, and the publishment of all Faireway content. Jack helped found Faireway with hopes to usher in an age of civility and resurgence of meaningful dialogue in today's divisive political climate.

Jack LeeHoffman
Co-founder, Business strategist

Jack is a sophomore at the University of Richmond. A co-founder of Faireway, Jack helps spearhead various business strategies for faireway. He is currently studying Finance and Entrepreneurship at Richmond and has high hopes for faireway in an age where it seems that civil discourse has been lost. 

Paul Gorka

Paul is currently a freshman at Stanford University. As a fellow of Faireway, Paul helps with writer outreach and recruitment, as well as online resource management and content editing. Paul is currently studying Human Biology with hopes of medical school at Stanford, and helped start Faireway so that a younger generation could have a more prominent political voice as well as have access to bipartisan news so as to better educate the populace. 

Thomas Clement

Thomas Clement is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. A co-founder, Thomas is in charge of generating and editing content for Faireway. Thomas is currently studying politics, philosophy, and economics at UPENN and helped found Faireway with the hopes it will enable the readers, themselves, to decide where they stand on issues.

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Alejandro Algarra

Alejandro Algarra is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. A co-founder of Faireway, Alejandro is in charge of implementing marketing strategies and advising in the business segment. He is currently studying Economics and Art History. He hopes Faireway will expose readers to diverse and well versed opinions and encourage discussion about important issues.

Connor Kianpøur
Faireway Fellow

Connor is a senior at the University of California, Davis where he is studying philosophy, English literature, and political theory. As a Faireway fellow, Connor hopes to use his philosophical perspectives to engage problems important to today’s political climate from a unique perspective and to spark meaningful dialogue. 

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